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Sunday, October 14, 2012

PLINK - How I got a FREE $5 Starbucks Card!!!

You know I am always skeptical of these new companies (or new to me) and I like to do a test run for you guys before I promote them to you.

PLINK! Is a website that claimed if you signed up, link your debit/credit card to their site and then choose restaurants/fast food joints or movie theaters to spend money at - they would give you "Plink Points" for those purchases.  And every 500 Plink Points would get you a $5 gift card at your choice of various retailers.

I signed up in the middle of September.  I linked my debit card to the site and picked my 3 businesses to earn "Plink Points" from.  (You get 3 at first and each friend you refer after opens another slot for you to choose another business/restaurant to earn points from purchases at.)  I picked Burger King, Regal Theaters and Taco Bell since those are three places I knew we would use while on vacation.

At Burger King and Taco Bell when I spent $5 in a transaction I would earn 70 points.  When I spent $15 I would earn 150 points.  For the 3 of us to eat at Taco Bell or Burger King it typically ends up being between $8-$15 depending on what we order and if we get drinks.  I knew those would be cheap/quick places we would stop at while on the road.  AND with Regal Theaters when you spend $15 you earn 150 points or $40 you earn 400 points.  Well, we go to movies at least twice a month at one of the Regal theaters in Little Rock.  And yes, this is our splurge.  I coupon everything (including this when I can) but often we have to pay full price and that's in our budget.  So, I knew just one 3D ticket for each of us and a coke/popcorn combo would put us at $40 easily.

Here I am a little under a month from when I started using Plink and I have earned over 700 points.  A few fast food stops and two movie visits and wham!  I have enough to get my first gift card. 

They have several options available but I went with the $5 Tango Card.  You get your Tango Card number, go over to and then you can use the Tango Card to pay for a Starbucks, Target, Facebook, Amazon or tons of other options emailed gift card.  Two days later in my email inbox was a Starbucks gift certificate for $5.  I took it this morning to Starbucks and got myself a free coffee!!!

So - here I am saying - SIGN UP!!!  This is LEGIT and although it takes a few purchases to earn enough to cash in - depending on your eating habits or entertainment habits - this could add up pretty quick for you!


  1. So you're saying is all that I have to do to earn $5 in free coffee is to give all of my credit card information to a random website I've never heard of?!! This sounds as good as that Nigerian Prince who should be sending me half of his fortune any day now.

    1. I have earned since September over $75 from using this program. I stated above that it IS legit. I NEVER promote a company or program I haven't personally tested myself. I was dubious myself when I first saw/heard of it. I tested with my own personal card and no - it is not a scam. It is real. It is legitimate and although it takes a few purchases to earn points you do get a REAL gift card from it. I'm sorry you think it's anything other than what I stated. I'd love to respond to you privately and show you proof but you did not leave this comment with your name or contact information.


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