Weight Watchers Pistachio Fluff Recipe
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 8
Makes 8 - 1 cup servings 3 SmartPoints on FreeStyle Plan, Flex Plan, Your Way Plan, and Beyond the Scale 4 PointsPlus
  • 1 20 ounces can crushed pineapple in juice, drained
  • 1 20 ounces can mandarin oranges in juice, drained
  • 2 cups low-fat cottage cheese (1%)
  • 1 8 ounces tub fat-free whipped topping
  • 1 fat-free sugar-free pistachio pudding mix
  1. In a large mixing bowl, mix together the drained pineapple, drained mandarin oranges, and cottage cheese.
  2. Fold in whipped topping and pudding mix until well combined. Be careful as light whipped topping can separate so don't beat, simply fold.
  3. Keep refrigerated until time to serve.
Recipe by You Brew My Tea at https://www.youbrewmytea.com/weight-watchers-pistachio-fluff-recipe/