12 Unique Star Wars Gift Ideas

12 Unique Star Wars Gift Ideas

star wars collage

This collection of 12 Unique Star Wars Gift Ideas has something for everyone! From classic Star Wars to the newest Rebel Wars, and gifts for the baby of the family to the family pet- I have you covered here. You are sure to find something for everyone who loves the force, Darth, Obi Wan, and all the rest. I have even included a couple stocking stuffers to finish off your holiday shopping.

 12 Unique Star Wars Gift Ideas

Star Wars Trilogy Blue Ray + DVD- If you don’t have the trilogy in your media library you will want to add it.  I am picking it up for my son this year who has discovered Star Wars through the Rebels cartoons- I think he needs to see the original, don’t you?

Remote Control Light Saber Wall Light- I love this awesome night light, perfect for a Star Wars themed bedroom-with a remote!

iPhone 5 Case- Use the force in style and protect your phone at the same time with this cool Boba Fett case.

Star Wars Thumb Doodles- This book is perfect for the creative kid ( or grown up) . It includes ink pads, markers, and a light saber double ended colored pencil.

Kotobukiya Star Wars Han Solo Silicone Tray- Whether you use this for a theme party, to make shaped soaps or treats this silicone mold with 1 large compartment and 6 small is sure to be a galaxy favorite.

Star Wars Pet Collar- You can’t forget your pet when it comes to picking up Star Wars themed gifts can you?  A cute collar for Fido to continue the theme.

Vader and Storm Trooper Salt and Pepper Set-Star Wars even battles its way into the kitchen if you grab this awesome Darth Vader and Storm Trooper salt and pepper set.

Darth Apron- The tongs will be with you when you grill as Darth Vader in this super cute apron. It’s machine washable and printed in the USA.

Rebels Dvd- The newest in Star Wars offerings out there,  kids love this animated series.

Star Wars baby Onesie- Raise em’ up right, Star Wars gear comes in even the littlest sizes for your new fan.

Star Wars Duct Tape- Use it for cool projects like wrapping a plain wooden frame, a duct tape wallet, or just to keep your car together with a little sense of Jedi style.

Light Saber electric toothbrush- A perfect stocking stuffer to finish off your shopping for your Star Wars fan, ” Luke.. I am your toothbrush”

These gift ideas are perfect or the geek, nerd or sci-fi enthusiast on your list this year!  Fun, different and great prices make them all the perfect item to snag now and tuck away for the holidays!


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Upcycled T-Shirt Super Hero Cape

Upcycled T-Shirt Super Hero Cape

This fun and easy cape will keep your little one busy for hours and doesn’t cost a penny!  My little boy is like most of the little boys on the planet, he is enamored with super heroes and all they entail- capes,  masks, super powers, and cool names.   I am in love with free projects like this Upcycled T-Shirt Super Hero Cape  that satisfied both our needs.  An old t shirt of my husbands, scissors, and a bit of felt created this fun, colorful super hero cape that is one of his current favorite items for play. I am calling this a no sew project but there is a TINY bit, it is painless I promise,  the t shirt will curl a bit on the cut edges but shouldn’t  fray- but to keep your velcro secure you need to sew it on with a few tight stitches.



You Will Need:

Men’s T Shirt- Large- XXL



velcro strips or dots

hot glue or fabric glue

t shirt cape tutorial supplies

If you want to make a pair of matching cuffs you will also need 1 empty toilet paper roll.



On the front of shirt cut just under the seam of the neckline, leaving it intact and then across the shoulder .

For the sides cut through both the front and back about 3″ in from side seams.

t shirt cape tutorial cut

You should now have  a basic cape shape from your t shirt.  You could leave it just like this and let them loop around their neck as is, but I wouldn’t recommend it, you want it to be able to rip away in case it gets hung up on something so cut it right in the  center and then cut 1″ off each side. Sew a small piece of velcro by hand onto the top of one half of cut collar, and then the other side of the velcro onto the opposite side of the neck.

t shirt cape tutorial velcro


Now the really fun part of this project that your kids can become the leaders on- the super hero symbol.  Sketch out your design first on paper with your child, then trace onto felt and cut out.

tshirt cape tutorial felt


Glue your symbol to the back center of the cape.

If you want to make a set of matching cuffs it is really simple -

Cut an empty toilet paper roll in half.

Cut t shirt fabric to 5″ x 5″, wrap around roll and glue into place.

Add felt accents to match it to your cape.

cuff collage


As you can see this FREE, 30 minute project was well worth the little bit of effort it cost me.   He adored it and soared from one end of the yard to the other defeating arch enemies and evil nemeses for hours.

t shirt cape tutorial collage

This Upcycled T-Shirt Super Hero Cape is sure to be a hit for the holidays too!  Not only can you make this now as a fun surprise for your kids, you could make it and put under the tree this year too!  There is nothing like a fun super hero cape to make your kids feel special!

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Curtain & Bath Outlet Portland Insulated Grommet Curtain Panel Review

Curtain & Bath Outlet Review

We were excited to hear from Curtain & Bath Outlet about doing a review of one of their products for our Holiday Gift Guide.  Not only do we always love a little something special to update our home, we love checking out new to us websites with great prices!  Curtain & Bath Outlet provided both of these for us!  I received a pair of panels for review from Curtain & Bath Outlet, all opinions are my own. I chose the Portland Insulated Grommet  Curtain Panel  in cream.

curtain & bath outlet reivew

I chose the Portland Insulated Grommet  Curtain Panel  in cream (also available in navy and wine).   They come 55″ wide and either 63″ or 84″ in length to fit a variety of windows.  I received my selection pretty quickly and had just the spot in mind for them- I recently painted my office and had a cream cotton pair of tab tops at the windows that I didn’t care for at all, they were a little too plain and casual for the rest of the room.  When I opened the packaged I was pleased to see they had a slight pattern textured pattern and a light sheen, making them a little more elegant than what I previously had, they worked beautifully there. A quick pressing with a warm iron removed all the creases from them being folded in the package and they were ready to hang.

I have never purchased a grommet style curtain before and I was very pleased with how nicely they slid open and closed but also how nice and finished they looked with the metal on metal-open or closed they dressed up my windows prettily.

curtain review 3

They  also have a thick foam back which is great for keeping out light and heat, a house full of these type of curtains will save on the energy bill for sure.  Overall I was very happy with the quality, style and affordability of these panels and would recommend you check them out if you are in the market for curtains to dress up your windows.   If you are looking for new window treatments, decor or bathroom accessories, make sure to check out The Curtain & Bath Outlet.  The Curtain & Bath Outlet also has a variety of affordable bedding, bath, rugs, and home accents available on their site for your decorating needs.

Don’t forget to check out Curtain & Bath Outlet on Facebook & Twitter to see all of their promotions, new products and speciality items!

Thanks to Curtain & Bath Outlet for the chance to review this product on our site.  Regardless of monetary or product compensation the team at You Brew My Tea strives to only give honest and thorough reviews.

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Weight Watchers Loaded Baked Potato Dip

Loaded Baked Potato Dip

With football season in full swing, everyone loves having yummy dips and chips on hand.  If you are watching what you eat, but still want a great treat this Weight Watchers Loaded Baked Potato Dip is perfect for you!  it is so simple to throw together, and served with baked or reduced fat chips it is a great option in place of your other high fat versions out there.  You don’t have to go empty handed to a party, nor do you have to skip out on enjoying what you bring.  Simply make this great recipe and enjoy the flavor of your favorite loaded baked potato in a fun and yummy dip!

Loaded Baked Potato Dip


Weight Watchers Loaded Baked Potato Dip
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 8
  • 1 Cup Fat Free Sour Cream
  • 2 Strips Turkey Bacon Cooked Crisp & Crumbled
  • ⅛ Cup Shredded 2% Sharp Cheddar Cheese
  • 1 Tablespoon Chives
  • ⅛ Teaspoon Black Pepper
  • ⅛ Teaspoon Salt
  • ¼ Teaspoon Garlic Powder
  • ⅛ Teaspoon Onion Powder
  1. Cook, cool and crumble turkey bacon make sure it is nice and crisp
  2. In a small bowl mix all ingredients together
  3. Chill for at least 1 hour
  4. Serve with reduced fat chips or veggies.

Loaded Baked Potato Dip

Using fat free sour cream, turkey bacon and low fat cheese makes this dip practically a free food.  At only 2 Points Per 2 Tablespoons Serving it is a great treat to have with some reduced fat chips or vegetables!  Make double or triple batches and add this to your real baked potatoes too!  It could even be a mix you add into your favorite mashed potatoes for extra flavor!

This Weight Watchers Loaded Baked Potato Dip is a great treat for game day, holiday parties or even just because after a long day at work.  Sometimes our favorite comfort foods are just what we need to stick with our diet.  When you are depriving yourself of your favorite things, it is easy to go off the diet and end up gaining instead of losing.  By making tasty substitutes like this dip, you can easily stay within your diet range while feeling you are splurging a bit.

Loaded Baked Potato Dip

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Monogram Burlap Flatware Pocket

Monogram Burlap Flatware Pocket

If you want to do something a little different to dress up your table, especially for a special meal like Thanksgiving dinner this simple Monogram Burlap Flatware Pocket is the perfect touch of color and texture. Place a burlap pocket on each plate to give some simple style to each setting and make any meal feel like an occasion with just a little effort on your part. Let the kids help you stamp the monogram on to make it a family craft.  If you don’t feel up to sewing you could probably create the pocket using hot glue but your burlap will continue to fray without some sort of fray glue like this.

monogram utensil pocket vert


You can add your family monogram to an entire set  or personalize one with the first initial of each guest at your table, using them like a place card, and then a pretty keepsake to take home that can be used in other ways.  You can make up a half dozen in less than 30 minutes and make a big impression on your guests.

You will need:

burlap by the yard

2″ grosgrain patterned ribbon


foam stamps


sewing machine


rotary cutter

self healing mat

see through ruler



Cut a piece of burlap to 15″ x 5 1/2″- To make is easy to cut a very straight line on your burlap pull a thread from right where your measurement is, this creates a perfect line for you to cut on.

monogram utensil pocket cut

Sew  between a 1/8 “- 1/4″  seam all the way around the perimeter of your rectangle.

Pull threads on the outside of your seam to slightly fray the pocket, the seam will stop it from fraying further.

Cut ribbon to 15″ sew ribbon to burlap 1/2″ from edge, sew up 1/8″ from edge of ribbon on  both sides so that it lays nicer.

monogam utensil pocket sew ribbon

Fold burlap so that it forms a pocket that is 5″ tall, then sew up sides, going over your original seam.

Slide a piece of cardboard inside pocket

Dip or spread paint on a foam stamp and press into corner opposite of your ribbon, press firmly, remove.

Allow your pocket to dry completely before use.

monogram flatware pocket horizontal

This Monogram Burlap Flatware Pocket is a great fun craft to make just in time for holiday dinner parties.  Not only is this perfect for Thanksgiving dinner, it can be designed to be functional year round.  Simply use a different pattern of grossgain ribbon to accent for different seasons or a basic theme that matches your decor.  Make these with your kids as a fun craft this week!

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