Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos With Red Gold

Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos

I love cooking.  So does my family and my assistant.  That means when we occasionally have a sponsored program come along like this fun event Red Gold is hosting currently, we jump in to participate.  This summer, Red Gold is presenting an amazing Red Gold Summer Grillin’ Party Sweepstakes!  We were invited to share with our readers about this event and given some awesome Red Gold products to help us introduce our friends and family to the sweepstakes and product line this summer.  As a result, these Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos were served this week!

Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos

Our lovely assistant Beth created one of their favorite quick and easy dishes featuring the Red Gold Cilanto Lime tomatoes.  Not only are these great for a quick weeknight meal – they are perfect for a fun weekend BBQ dinner party.  Everyone loves the classic burgers off the grill, but why not go a bit healthier and more festive with this great recipe!



Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos With Red Gold
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 4
  • 1 Pound Boneless Skinless Free Range Antibiotic Free Chicken Breasts
  • 2 Teaspoons Cumin
  • 1 Teaspoon Salt
  • 1 Teaspoon Pepper
  • 1 Cup Sliced Mushrooms
  • 1 Poblano Pepper
  • 1 Medium Red Onion
  • 1 Can Red Gold Cilantro Lime Tomatoes
  • 1 Bunch Fresh Cilantro
  • 2-3 Limes Sliced
  • 2 Cup Fresh Baby Spinach
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Corn Tortillas
  1. Slice chicken breasts into 1-2" pieces.
  2. Lightly coat with cumin, salt and pepper.
  3. Slice Red Onion into ¼" pieces
  4. Grill chicken & onion for 3-4 minutes on each side or until chicken has reached temperature and onion is tender.
  5. While onion and chicken are cooking, add poblano to lower heat area of grill and roast slightly.
  6. Remove all from grill and return to kitchen.
  7. In medium sauce pan, add can of cilantro lime tomatoes, fresh baby spinach and roasted poblano that has been sliced, seeded an diced. Heat for 3-5 minutes or until hot and heated through.
  8. Mix with chicken and onion.
  9. Assemble as tacos using cilantro as garnish and Greek yogurt in place of cheese.
  10. Serve on corn tortillas wtih a slice of lime on the side.


Red Gold Tomatoes Beth

This summer, Red Gold Tomatoes has created an amazing Grillin Party just for their Facebook Fans!  This fun summer sweepstakes begins on July 24th and end on August 30th.  Every week during this summer sweepstakes, Red Gold Summer Grillin Part will be giving away 1000 aprons plus a grand prize Big Green Egg Grill!

For full sweepstakes details, make sure to check out their press release.  Head over to follow Red Gold on Facebook to be a part of this sweepstakes, but don’t stop there!  Make sure to check out their Twitter, Pinterest and You Tube accounts for more fun, recipes and of course future promotions like this great sweepstakes!

We loved working with Red Gold on this fun sponsored post including some of their perfect for grilling tomato blends!  We were compensated in exchange for this post, but regardless we only promote an support business we enjoy and believe in.  Special thanks to our assistant here,Beth for all of her hard work in creating this yummy recipe to share.

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Being Fat Doesn’t Mean I Am Not Trying To Be Healthy

Have you ever walked into an event, a meeting or a group and felt like everyone was looking at you as if you don’t fit in?  No matter how much you do fit there, it stinks to have others look at you like you don’t or couldn’t.  For me, that has been the case on a number of occasions in my life from church groups, to cheer leading in junior high school and now when I am working so hard to change my eating habits an become a healthier individual.  Being Fat Doesn’t Mean I Am Not Trying To Be Healthy.  Quite simply, it is the very reason I am trying to change how and what I eat, my exercise level and my overall health.  Yet, I walk into places all the time, or have conversations with individuals who appear healthier and seem to be looked down upon because of my existing weight.

Being Fat Doesnt Mean Im Not Trying To Be Healthy


Let’s face the facts.  Society in general frowns upon those who don’t meet a certain aesthetic criteria.  The biggest example of that in my own life has been during my dating years and the lack of dates.  In the region of the county I come from, you are lucky if you find a man who isn’t shallow regarding your physical appearance.  Funny how in the supposed Bible Belt I have felt more judgement about my weight than I ever do or have when in seemingly healthier parts of the country.  Not every person out there will look down on you because you don’t fit the mold.  Sadly, however, many will and that has been my experience in life all too often.

Being fat doesn’t mean you aren’t or haven’t been already working hard to become healthier.  The judgement of others often comes with assumptions.  Okay, honestly isn’t that the case always?  When you judge someone else, you truly rarely know the full details so you can’t make a proper judgement.  When people see me limping due to sciatica pain in my hip and say to themselves, “if only she would lose weight that wouldn’t be a problem”, they don’t know nor understand that I am already 25 pounds lighter than I was 6 month ago and the pain sill exists. They don’t know that I have drastically changed my eating habits already.  They don’t know that my diet consists of portion controlled healthy organic fruits and vegetables, grass fed beef, free range antibiotic free chicken and very few processed foods of any kind.  They don’t know that most exercise typically leaves me unable to walk the following day due to excruciating pain.  Nor do they know that the mere fact that I am walking, limp or not, is a huge accomplishment every time it happens.  A man or woman may be 300 pounds today and appear to be fat and unhealthy, but you don’t know that last year they were 600 pounds and unable to move from their home.

Fat people can’t get healthy if you won’t let them into the gym.  I have joined gyms in the past many times.  I have paid membership due for months after I stopped going.  While many times my lack of follow through had to do with location, cost and childcare – there have been more times than I can count where it mostly had to do with fat shaming.  Walking in, stretching and getting started on an elliptical or treadmill was difficult.  Why?  Because of the fit people who stared at me and made faces, or who ignored me when I had questions about how to use the equipment.  If you aren’t willing to help me learn, then how will I ever make progress and change?

Fat people deserve to eat healthy options too.  Most recently I have struggled with shopping in our area for healthy food options.  With our family that isn’t just eating more fruits and veggies.  It has become a goal to eliminate as much processed food from our diet as we can, as well as eat only organic if at all possible.  Shopping at our 2 local health foods groceries has become the habit for our family.  Yet, walking through the store and making choices often leaves me feeling frustrated and singled out.  Not only do people stare and make faces as if we/I don’t belong, but I have literally heard comments from people a few feet away.  When a fit person in the local Whole Foods says to their partner, “Buying that isn’t going to make her less fat”, it certainly discourages you from even trying.  Reality is, we are making much healthier choices than we did 6 months ago.  That means we choose organic low fat cheeses versus whatever is on sale at the grocery store.  We are avoiding breads, but occasionally will buy a loaf of organic whole grain for toast or sandwiches as we have a 6 year old who enjoys that and needs a well rounded diet.  Because my grocery cart has a single package of cheese and loaf of bread in it, doesn’t mean I have no other healthier options in my cart or my home.

There are dozens of things I can speak first hand about in regards to being a fat woman who is trying to become healthy.  There are equally as many encouraging people out there in my life as there are discouraging people.  I am, no we are as a family, blessed to have had such great support from our friends and family.  Yet at times, I get frustrated by the fact that there is so much pre-judgement in the world regarding those who are overweight.  We don’t know what other people have already done to improve their health.  We equally don’t know what medical condition may be there that prevent them from being at an ideal weight.

While there is almost always a way to improve your health, we must as fellow human beings use understanding and compassion when viewing each other.  What you may see as you look at me, could be far from the truth.  No, I can’t physically run a marathon, jog daily or even get on a treadmill for very long at a time.  It doesn’t always mean I am unwilling.  It simply means I have other medical conditions in place that prevent that from happening without exasperating my pain issues further.  Yes, I am still technically morbidly obese, but that doesn’t mean my diet consists of chocolate cake, ice cream and deep fried foods at every meal.  n fact, you would likely be surprised at how healthy my eating habits have been for some time.

Remember no matter who you come in contact with, a number on a scale nor a size in an article of clothing doesn’t not define their health nor their desire to be healthy.  While being overweight typically means you are more unhealthy than healthy, being thin doesn’t mean you are healthy either.  Overall health involves a multitude of factors including heredity, eating habits, overall exercise and physical fitness level and underlying medical conditions.  Can we stop judging each other on appearances and begin saving our judgements for character instead?

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SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe Stroller Giveaway

Welcome to the SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe Giveaway!


Hosted By: Life of a Southern Mom

Sponsored By: Prince Lionheart

Prince Lionheart has been family owned and ‘Bravely Made’ company since 1973. They offer a wide variety of innovative baby and kid products. Kate at Life of a Southern Mom had a chance to work with Prince Lionheart and review their Deluxe Snooze Shade Plus. Visit her website here and read her full review.

When my boys were young we spent a lot of time at the local amusement parks and one of these shades would have been amazing to have on hand.  Shelter from the sun and potential sunburn (because those little ones have such tender skin), as well as a great shelter from the heat of the sun!  Check out the giveaway details below and enter for a chance to win!

**Giveaway Details**

Date: July 22nd, 2014 – August 5th at 11:59PM EST

Open to US residents only. Must be 18 years of age or older to participate.

Prize: One winner will receive a SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe Stroller Cover from Prince Lionheart! (ARV $60)

**How to Enter**

By entering you agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions listed on the Entry Form. All winning entries will be verified. Winner will receive an email from Jennifer at and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.

Good Luck and thanks for entering!

LOASM Giveaway Disclosure

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Yum Earth Candies Are Perfect For Road Trip Snacks

Yum Earth Review

If you have been following us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram over the last few weeks you know our family has been on a somewhat epic road trip. Not only have we flown across country for a nearly two week stay in San Diego for a conference and time with family, but more recently we have driven cross country from Arkansas to Oregon.  Along the way I was lucky enough to have some great companies sponsor our trip with various snacks, foods and treats.  One of the many things I have discovered with our fun summer travel is that Yum Earth Candies Are Perfect For Road Trip Snacks.

Yum Earth Review

Yes, I realize that snacking on the road isn’t a healthy choice.  Ideally, we would be able to eat only at meal times and avoid the junk food.  Reality however means when you are driving 2000 miles across country you will be in areas where there are no healthy meal options.  So, packing meals, snacks and treats to eat in the car becomes necessary.  When you are traveling with kids, you also have to accept that gas station stops for fuel and snacks can be a trap for bad food.  Coming prepared with fun and yummy treats to eat instead helps save money, calories and your health.

As our family has transitioned into healthier eating habits in the last few months, we have embraced the habit of limiting candy.  We have however chosen to keep some great tasty treats on hand for our son (and us) for that occasion we have a craving. Yum Earth is not only organic, but gluten free.  While we are limiting treats and candies, this is one brand that we have fallen in love with, and feel no guilt at all about.  Made with fruit juice in flavors we all love, Yum Earth Organics is a brand that we support 100%.

For our vacations this summer, we received Sour Beans, Fruit Snacks, Vitamin C Pops and Gummy Bears.  In flavors like Peach, Mango, Grape, Strawberry, Pomegranate and more we had something for everyone in the family.  The portion controlled packages of sour beans, fruit snacks and gummy bears are perfect for single servings.  While I packed the bags and handed out one at a time on occasion during our trip – I can easily see these being a perfect portion to pop into your kids lunch boxes this fall.  The Vitamin C Pops are our family favorite.  The flavors are amazingly crisp and yummy.

I simply can’t say enough how much we love the offerings of Yum Earth Organics.  Not only were these perfect for our trip snacking, I look forward to using them as rewards for chores being completed or even in upcoming birthday party favor bags. Additionally, I think they would easily be perfect treats to pack in a lunch box for your kids this school year!  With Halloween just around the corner, you might consider stocking up on these to go in trick or treat bags too!

Make sure to follow Yum Earth on their social media channels for upcoming events, giveaways and more!

Yum Earth Website

Yum Earth On Facebook

Yum Earth On Twitter

Yum Earth On Pinterest

Looking to test these out for yourself?  Check out your local Whole Foods Market or Walgreen’s!  Tons of stores nationwide now carry this line of products year round!

Thanks to Yum Earth for the great travel snacks!  Although we received the snacks mentioned above in exchange for our honest review on this blog, our thoughts and opinions listed here are 100% honest.  We love the Yum Earth brand, their company, products and what they represent and offer.

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8 Things To Do On Your Flight Layover

8 Things To Do On Your Flight Layover
Sometimes when you travel your flights will have a layover that means you are sitting in an airport for a few hours between legs of your journey. We recently had a 3 hour wait between flights as we were headed to San Diego for vacation.  Sitting in an airport for 3 hours can be boring, but not if you are prepared. While an inconvenience to some, these 8 Things To Do On Your Flights Layover are sure to keep you occupied and make the time “fly” by. Thinking ahead and planning for these incidental layovers is always recommended, but sometimes you won’t know until you get there that a delay will happen. We have included some great items that are good for when you aren’t prepared too!


GET SOME EXERCISE. If you checked your bags or have someone who can watch them for you this is a great time to get up and take a few laps around the airport. You’ll be sitting the rest of the day so this is a great time to stretch your legs and get some exercise in.  Pop your ear buds in and go for a power walk around the airport.  Just make sure you stay where you won’t have to go back through security again.  Trust me, security at the last minute is not fun.
CATCH UP ON WORK. If the airport you are at has free wifi this is a great time to log on and work without interruption. Since you are suppose to be out of pocket you can get away with “hiding” those chat or IM boxes and just focus on your work.  While vacation time is typically when you want to leave all work behind, I find that the fact my coworkers and clients know I am out of pocket gives me much better time to work. Without distractions I can be far more productive and as a result make much more money.
READ A BOOK OR MAGAZINE. If you are like most of us who work or deal with kids so much that you find yourself falling asleep trying to read, this is prime time to catch up on those books. If you didn’t bring one, there are tons of news stands in airports as well as many to download for free or cheap.  I love grabbing free books for Kindle or hitting up the Google Play store so they are easy to carry with me and not take up space.
CALL YOUR MOM. If you life away from your parents you know how tough it can be to find time to simply sit and chat with your parents. Waiting in an airport is the perfect time to plug up your phone to a charging station and give them a call.  I live in a dead zone and have no home phone.  Yes, I feel like I am in the dark ages at times without a phone to chat, but it works for our family.  Those times I am out somewhere with quiet and cell service are when I call my parents to chat.
WORK ON CHRISTMAS GIFTS. Do you crochet, knit or sew? Spend this time looking online for your next project or bring along the items needed to create a new scarf, pair of socks or blanket.  Make sure to check airline and TSA guidelines for what is acceptable to bring along.  Sadly, some of our tools for crafting can be considered dangerous.  If you can’t do your actual craft, you can at least create some Pinterest boards with great ideas. 
SHOP ONLINE. If you keep meaning to look for something online but don’t have time to at home, take this time to pull out your phone apps or laptop to browse online. While many don’t like making purchases using free pubic wifi, you can easily load your cart and do all the research needed to find your next purchase so when you get home you can just push “pay now” and be done.
MEET NEW PEOPLE. Some of the greatest friendships and romances started over drinks or laughs in an airport lounge. Head to the bar if you drink and chat with new people. See someone who looks lonely or nervous waiting near you? Reach out to chat and see if they want to share about themselves and let you calm their fears.
WRITE YOUR NEXT BOOK. So this is a little on the comical side, but also serious. If you are an author or want to be what better than airport lounge interactions for inspiration? Observe the people around you can create a fun new story about what you think tey are doing there.
Whether you know about it in advance or it is a last minute change of flight plans, a layover can be a great time to relax, recharge and accomplish new things. These 8 things to do on your flight layover are just the tip of the iceberg. Check the airport for salons to get your hair done, a manicure or pedicure. Look for arcades to have fun gaming in or a corner coffee shop to take in the local music vibe.
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