Monogram Burlap Flatware Pocket

Monogram Burlap Flatware Pocket

If you want to do something a little different to dress up your table, especially for a special meal like Thanksgiving dinner this simple Monogram Burlap Flatware Pocket is the perfect touch of color and texture. Place a burlap pocket on each plate to give some simple style to each setting and make any meal feel like an occasion with just a little effort on your part. Let the kids help you stamp the monogram on to make it a family craft.  If you don’t feel up to sewing you could probably create the pocket using hot glue but your burlap will continue to fray without some sort of fray glue like this.

monogram utensil pocket vert


You can add your family monogram to an entire set  or personalize one with the first initial of each guest at your table, using them like a place card, and then a pretty keepsake to take home that can be used in other ways.  You can make up a half dozen in less than 30 minutes and make a big impression on your guests.

You will need:

burlap by the yard

2″ grosgrain patterned ribbon


foam stamps


sewing machine


rotary cutter

self healing mat

see through ruler



Cut a piece of burlap to 15″ x 5 1/2″- To make is easy to cut a very straight line on your burlap pull a thread from right where your measurement is, this creates a perfect line for you to cut on.

monogram utensil pocket cut

Sew  between a 1/8 “- 1/4″  seam all the way around the perimeter of your rectangle.

Pull threads on the outside of your seam to slightly fray the pocket, the seam will stop it from fraying further.

Cut ribbon to 15″ sew ribbon to burlap 1/2″ from edge, sew up 1/8″ from edge of ribbon on  both sides so that it lays nicer.

monogam utensil pocket sew ribbon

Fold burlap so that it forms a pocket that is 5″ tall, then sew up sides, going over your original seam.

Slide a piece of cardboard inside pocket

Dip or spread paint on a foam stamp and press into corner opposite of your ribbon, press firmly, remove.

Allow your pocket to dry completely before use.

monogram flatware pocket horizontal

This Monogram Burlap Flatware Pocket is a great fun craft to make just in time for holiday dinner parties.  Not only is this perfect for Thanksgiving dinner, it can be designed to be functional year round.  Simply use a different pattern of grossgain ribbon to accent for different seasons or a basic theme that matches your decor.  Make these with your kids as a fun craft this week!

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Free Weekly Meal Plan Printable

Free Weekly Meal Planner

We are all about helping you stay on task, keep organized and of course stay in budget.  Creating great menu plans each week is all part of that!  Here is our very own Free Weekly Meal Plan Printable!  Not only are we hoping to encourage you to create a simple and easy menu for your family, but we are giving you something to do that with that will hopefully be fun and easy for you to use!

Free Weekly Meal Planner


Weekly Meal Planner

Click Image Above To Print


This great free printable weekly meal plan includes not only the 7 days of the week, but an area for a simple grocery list.  This is great for posting on your refrigerator or sliding into your family binder to keep track of what you will be having each night.  Meal planning can help keep your budget in check.  It can also help keep you in focus with your diet plans.  By taking the time each week to jot down a few simple things you want to have for even just evening meals, you can shave hundreds of dollars off your annual grocery budget.  No more last minute take out.  No more stressful evenings trying to decide who is going to cook what.  Planning ahead takes the burden off of you and gives you a great ready made plan that everyone in the house can easily follow.

Here are some of our favorite recipes to add to your weekly meal plan this week!

Weight Watchers Roasted Poblano Chicken Enchiladas

Weight Watchers Creamy Tomato Basil Soup

Weight Watchers Green Chile Chicken Enchilada Soup

Crockpot Weight Watchers Sloppy Joes

Weight Watchers Baked Veggie Egg Rolls

Weight Watchers Crockpot Chicken Verde

Weight Watchers Sesame Chicken




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Podcast Episdoe 001:Become A Successful Work At Home Entrepreneur

Become A Successful Work At Home Entrepreneur

For a long time I have debated on doing podcasts.  While the average person that comes to You Brew My Tea is here for recipes, crafts or my long rambling stories, I also have a lot of people on our social media pages that ask me how I can work from home and be successful.  There are a lot of things a person can do to make money from home, but to truly be successful I believe it takes 3 specific things.  So, I finally bit the bullet and created this podcast for you to listen to.  I knew it would be easier for some to listen to a 20-25 minute podcast than to sit and read 5,000 words on how to find success working from home.  The Result was Podcast Episode 1: Become A Successful Work At Home Entrepreneur

After you listen, make sure to check out our notes below for important links mentioned within the podcast!

Become A Successful Work At Home Entrepreneur


Know Your Passion:

  • Why are you doing this?
  • Is it something you love, or something you think will make you money?
  • Is this both financially and emotionally satisfying?

Get Organized:

  • Stick to a schedule.  Daily, Weekly and Monthly routines.
  • Documentation Is Key.  Taxes, Client Orders, Invoices & Expenses.
  • Spreadsheets are your friend.  Libre Office and Google Drive are great free options
  • Backup daily in multiple places.  On your hardrive, on an external drive and in one or two cloud drives.  Google Drive, Amazon Cloud and Dropbox are great options.

Treat It Like A Business:

  • Get serious.  Stop treating it like a hobby you can do when you feel like it.
  • Create Business accounts. Get a Tax ID number, LLC, Bank account, Paypal account, etc.
  • Treat clients like you would your boss in a regular office.  Complete deadlines, behave professionally and respectfully.

If you have further questions about how to be a successful work at home entrepreneur, feel free to message us at or leave a comment below!  We have years of experience, debt being paid off, time management tips and more to share with you!

Check out our Work From Organization Tips post for more helpful hints to keep you on track with your home business!




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7 Activities to Inspire Thankfulness in Your Children

7 thankful activities

In the busyness, technological overload, and me mindset of our world it is a challenge raising children who are thankful.  Being intentional about what attributes you teach your child can have a lasting impression on them. Here are 7 Activities To Inspire Thankfulness In Your Children.  Include these in your daily life in the month come to help your children become more reflective of the holiday season.

7 thankful activities

7 Activities To Inspire Thankfulness In Your Children


  1. Model thankfulness- Anytime your child does something for you- does chores without being asked, picks up trash, helps with dinner, is kind to a sibling tell them how thankful you are for them and their helpful ways. Let them see you thanking others and visibly showing appreciation for what you have in praise, prayer or deeds.
  2. Talk about what it means to be thankful-  Look up the the words online or in a dictionary- thanks, thankful, thanksgiving. If you are a homeschooling momma make this a time for a lesson.  Have them write the words and define them. Talk about what it means to be thankful and how to show it outwardly, even beyond words.
  3. Make a list of things you are thankful for- You can do this in actual list form, or be creative and – write each thing on a post it note and spread all over the house, cut leaves out of colorful construction paper and write on them then tape them to a branch to create a thankful tree- check out Pinterest for additional ideas.
  4. Do for others outside the home- Find a way to do something kind for a neighbor, friend, or family member. Thinking about and doing for others increases our awareness of all we have to be thankful for as well as allowing them to see others thankful attitudes in action.
  5. Do for those in the home- Starting your quest for teaching thankfulness to your child should definitely start in the home. Encourage your child to thank others for kind deeds done and to seek out opportunities to do things in return and for no reason at all for all family members.
  6. Make Thank you cards- For gifts received recently, to send to soldiers overseas, or to drop off personally  to teachers, fireman, police officers and other service personnel. Showing kids ways to demonstrate their thankfulness and gratitude will go a long way, remember actions speak louder than words.
  7. Read books about being thankful- As a book lover I need no excuse to add books to mine or my childrens library, but if you needed a good reason here is one. Not only are you helping to build their vocabulary and comprehension they will be learning lessons in gratitude.

This year work these activities to inspire thankfulness in children into your daily routine.  Make sure your kids know what being thankful truly is.  Be good examples to them, and encourage them to do good for others who need it during the holiday season.

Our favorite books about Thanks and Thankfulness:

Biscuit  Is Thankful

Little Critters Being Thankful

Bear Says Thanks

Berenstain Bears Give Thanks

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12 Best Disney’s Frozen Gifts

12 Best Disneys Frozen Gifts Round up

If you have every word of every song from Disney’s Frozen memorized then you probably have Frozen at the top of your Christmas gift list.  I have rounded up my top 12 Best Disney’s Frozen Gifts for you, some we have already and some are on my list. You are sure to find something for your little snow princess here!

12 Best Disneys Frozen Gifts Round up


12 Best Disney’s Frozen Gifts

1.Elsa Funko Pop Figure- We love these fun vinyl figurines and Elsa is at the top of our list this year!

2.Elsa Dress- Every princess loves to dress up as the reigning queen, and Queen Elsa is the one to be.

3.Frozen Celebrate Love Comforter Set- Transform your little girls room into a pretty Frozen sisters landscape with this bed set.

4.Frozen Spot It Game - This alphabet edition of  the fun Spot It Game is a great teaching tool that features your favorite Frozen characters.

5.  Frozen Puzzles Pack- 3 themed puzzles that come in a grab and go Frozen drawstring bag for fun on the run.

6. Disney Sisters Gift Set- These sweet sisters are perfect for dramatic play, or maybe even a sensory bin?

7. Frozen Cosmetic Set- Part of the fun of dressing up is pretty nails makeup, I love this set for

8.Olaf Mealtime Set- Make eating more fun with this Olaf Set of dishes with a plate, bowl, and cup.

9. Elsa and Anna Pajamas- Pretend play doesn’t have to stop at bedtime, she can drift off to dreamland in a cute pair of Frozen themed pj’s.

10. Elsa Snow Wand- My daughter has played with this wand over and over ( don’t worry there is a shut off switch)

11. Frozen Vinyl Wall Clings- Peel and stick vinyl figures make a great way to change up the theme without a permanent or costly redo.

12. Frozen DVD- If you don’t already have the DVD you must add it to your collection, this one comes with a Blue-Ray, DVD + digital copy- perfect for rides in the car.


Grab one or all and make your little Elsa or Anna fan thrilled this holiday season!  These best Disney’s Frozen gifts are a hit with all the kids these days!  Don’t forget to make sure you have the movie on hand especially!  Celebrate your first snow this season with these gifts and others!

What is your favorite Frozen Gift idea?


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