Crunchy Mamas Organic Beauty Care Product Review

Crunchy Mamas Review

I seriously love investing in small businesses, but especially when they are focused on using products made in the US that are organic, natural and healthy for me and my family.  A few weeks ago, I received an email from the ladies at CrunchyMamas about doing a review of some products for them.  I was seriously excited to check them out.  I love finding small companies working hard to put out products that they can feel good about using for themselves and their family.  I picked out a few things and waited a bit impatiently for my package to arrive.

Crunchy Mamas Review

Crunchy Mamas Organic Beauty Care Product Review

Ashley and Kate put together a fun little package for me that was just perfect.  I knew I wanted to try their lip balms and hand sanitizer aka “hanitzer”, and also mentioned to them that my best friend was pregnant and I thought their About To Pop! product might be cool for her to try.  When the package arrived, I was seriously impressed with what I received.  Not only were the products high quality, but the packaging was so professional.  Much more sophisticated than I expected from a small “mom and mom” business.  These two ladies and their staff definitely have a great business plan!

We received bot the Honey-Lemon and the Mint lip balms.  I absolutely fell in love with the Honey-Lemon lip balm.  Like forget every other brand, lip gloss, lipstick – this is the stuff I want.  It smells fantastic. It tastes amazing and most of all – it really works on my chapped lips.  I have always struggled with chapped lips and seem to be using lip balm constantly (especially in winter months).  I have tried straight coconut oil in the past, but it just left me feeling too oily and the flavor was a bit too strong.  This however, was just perfect.  Can I mention again how much I love it?  Seriously, I ADORE this stuff.

The Hanitizer was just the right sized bottle to add to my purse (which is significantly smaller since back surgery).  It has a bright smell that worked great for all of us.  Grapefruit and lemon essential oils make it a perfect refreshing scent while providing all the anti-bacterial components you are looking for.  Since it is alcohol free and contains organic aloe vera, it is actually moisturizing instead of drying.  For me, that is super important in the winter months when we want to use it even more often.

The About To Pop! product is totally awesome.  Perfect for using on dry skin, or in this case – specifically for pregnant mamas and the stretched and dry skin of their bellies.  The components are great for helping to ease unsightly stretch marks, but also to just simply provide much needed moisturizing.  I believe you could use it on elbows, legs, arms, just about anywhere!

We are always huge fans of small businesses, but even more when we find one that really has the product needs in mind.  Crunchy Mamas definitely knows what people need and want.  With great products, quality packaging and an open and honest outlook on themselves and life – they are seriously people I am happy to recommend to you!

Check out their complete product line as well as make sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram They recently had a fun little scavenger hunt event in their local area where you could try to find them out and about and possibly win something fun.  Definitely a great way to connect with them if you are local to them, but also online for their promotions!  We really love their brand and hope you will too!

We did receive the products mentioned above in exchange for a review on our site.  However, we seriously fell in love with these products and are more than happy to promote them to our readers.  All thoughts and opinions within this post are 100% our own.

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Market Street Now Has A Kids Free Fruit Program #MarketStreetTX

Do your kids bug you about getting a treat when in the grocery store?  I know the Wee child always seems to find the candy and treats near the checkout and has those little puppy dog eyes begging for something.  That’s why I was so excited when I found out I was going to be writing about the fact that Market Street Now Has A Kids Free Fruit Program!  Starting this month (March), they are offering a free piece of fruit to kids every time you shop!

Market Street Dallas

Market Street Now Has A Kids Free Fruit Program

Market Street is one of our favorite grocery stores when in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  Not only do they offer some of the best variety of produce, locally grown foods, organic products, farm raised and grass fed meats, but they are super family friendly.  They cater to family needs.  From their large selection of foods, to the great deli offerings that make meal time prep so much easier Market Street is really a great store for families.  To take that even farther – this year they decided to launch this awesome kids free fruit program.

Market Street Dallas

Now you can stop by the customer service area and pick up a card in store, or sign up for the Kids Club on their mobile app.  Once you do this, you can send your child to pick out a fruit snack while in the store.  They are given the choice of a snack sized banana, apple or orange!  We all know what it is like to go shopping when you are hungry.  Our kids struggle with this just like we do.  When they are hungry, they are tempted to ask you for treats, or sneak something into the cart when you aren’t looking.  Now you can head to your local Market Fresh store and know that if they start asking for a treat, you can send them to pick up a piece of fruit for free!

When you are like us and really want to teach your kids about healthy eating habits, it is really important to focus on them learning that snacks should be healthy items that not only satisfy the hunger and craving, but fuel their bodies.  Fresh fruit is the best snack with it’s natural sugars for energy, and high vitamin content to help with health and growth!  Getting this healthy treat in sore will help you to encourage your kids to help with picking out fruits to purchase for your whole family to enjoy.  That is the best part of this program – teaching kids about nutrition!

Make sure to stop in your local Market Street store this month and sign up for the Kids Club to get your kids a free piece of fruit to snack on while in store!

Market Fresh Dallas

This post is sponsored by Market Street.  All thoughts and opinions within are 100% mine.  Despite compensation we only promote brands and companies we believe in.

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Swanling Slumber Sleeper Review

One of my very best friends is having her first baby this summer, and I have loved the opportunity to review fun items for her to prepare for her sons arrival.  We recently got this Swanling Slumber Sleeper Review opportunity and I have to be honest, I thought it was one of the coolest items I’ve seen for kids and babies in a long time.  While odd at first, I totally saw how handy it would be, and perfect for the parent who is concerned about things like SIDS.

Slumber Sleeper Review

Swanling Slumber Sleeper Review

This product is actually a special sheet for your baby’s crib.  It is a sheet that also has a sleep sack integrated into it.  When you lay your child down at night to sleep, you simply zip them into the sleep sack part of the Swanling Slumber Sleeper sheet.  Why is this important?

  • It is safer for babies and young children to sleep on their backs and this keeps them in position
  • It keeps children safely centered in their crib and keeps them away from suffocation hazards like blankets, crib bumpers, pillows or even stuffed animals.
  • Helps keep toddlers secure in their crib at night

The biggest benefit in our opinion is the fact that your child will be safe in one position and SIDS wouldn’t be as big a concern.  For many parents, that fear is a valid concern and keeps them from sleeping peacefully at night.  This product is a simple way to give some peace of mind while providing your child with a protection they need.  I am glad I had the chance to check out this product and share with my friend.  Being able to provide her with some peace at night when she lays her son down for bed is the least I can do.  I just wish a product like this had been around when my kids were babies!

Make sure to check out Swanling and learn more about this great sleep sack on their website, as well as follow them on Facebook for great updates on this and other product launches in the future!

I received the item mentioned above in exchange for our honest review on this site.  All opinions within are honest and we only promote companies and products we believe in.

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Affordable Kids Fashion With Osh’Kosh B’Gosh #ImagineSpring

OshKosh BGosh Dinosoar TShirt

This post is part of a campaign through Influencer on behalf of Osh’Kosh B’Gosh.  All opinions within are 100% mine.

When I was asked to share about Osh’Kosh B’Gosh I actually literally squealed.  Since my oldest son was a baby 11 years ago, I have loved the Osh’Kosh brand and their affiliated stores.  The quality of the clothing has always been sturdy for my active boys, and the prices have been on point.  As someone who has always been a bargain shopper, their everyday prices are in line with my budget, and their sale prices always make it even better.  So, as I was asked to share my thoughts about their kids clothing and how they can brighten up their wardrobe this Spring – I knew we would be great spokespeople for a brand we already love.

OshKosh BGosh Dressy Display

Affordable Kids Fashion With Osh’Kosh B’Gosh #ImagineSpring

The Wee Child is quite a little fashionable kid already.  He has a distinct style, and he definitely knows what he likes.  Coming from two parents who tend to reach for the muted earth tones, this boy almost always grabs the bright colors, neons or the flashy graphics tees.  He loves his dress clothes as well, but since we had just picked up several new “church shirts” and a few pair of jeans and khakis at the first of the year, we focused more on quality Spring and summer fashions.

As kids do, he has grown a lot since last summer. The result was only having 2 pair of shorts in his drawers that fit.  So, when we set out to look at Osh’Kosh B’Gosh, we knew shorts were definitely a must.  He also had managed to outgrow a lot of his t-shirts, so we promised we would get a few new ones to brighten up his wardrobe.  Since we travel a lot during the summer, it’s important to us to make sure his clothing will mix and match well.  One thing we love about Osh’Kosh is the fact that the bulk of their items will be interchangeable and match easily no matter what he chooses to grab from his suitcase.

OshKosh BGosh In Store Display

Not only did we find great cargo shorts and denim shorts that are going to easily work into his wardobe matching practically everything, we found t-shirts that were just totally his style.  While I wanted to grab some of the cute dress shirts and polo style shirts, I knew we needed to think about what he really needed that was functional.  Sometimes, being responsible isn’t fun, but it is worth it in the long run!

Of what we found, his favorite outfit is the dark denim shorts with this bright blue t-shirt that features an astronaut.  He loves space, NASA and anything that has to do with space travel or being in outer space.  That was totally up his alley!  Yes, we are raising an adorable little Geek and proud of him.  Of course he has 5 more weeks at his homeschool group before summer break, and he has to look good for the girls there.  These Spring fashions from Osh’Kosh B’Gosh are just what he needs to, “get the ladies” or so he tells me.  Since when do 7 year olds have girlfriends?!?!?!

OshKosh BGosh Astronaut TShirt

Next up he wanted some basic khaki cargo shorts.  Since my beau is almost always in his khaki cargo shorts, it was a given that he would want to dress like Daddy.  Those pockets come in handy for things like toys, a pocket knife (his new Swiss Army) or his wallet for buying candy when we are at the store.

OshKosh BGosh Dinosoar TShirt

I loved his choice of the Surf Life shirt to go along with these basic grey cargo shorts, because it reminded me of our trip to Hawaii in 2013.  Since we are headed to San Diego in a few months to visit my mother-in-law, the beach is a must and he will fit in perfectly with these shorts and shirt!

OshKosh BGosh Surf Life TShirt

Osh’Kosh B’Gosh truly is a great place to head out and shop for great Spring and Summer styles for your kids.  If you aren’t sure about a location near you, it is easy to take a look at their Store Locator to find one.  Our closest location is actually 5 hours away, but since it happens to be in the same city as my Sister, it is a must visit store when we are there to visit (which is often).  If you don’t have a store within driving distance, don’t fret.  You can find everything you want or need online at their website.  Their website is even better for some people like us who also have trouble with needing that Husky size for their kids.  The Wee child is shorter but pretty sturdy and thick, so in some pants and shorts we end up with the Husky size to accomodate his build and not end up with pants dragging the ground.  Ordering online is super easy!

With all of the sales always happening (shorts were only $12 each pair) and this great 25% off Coupon you can print at home and use in store or online, you can really stock up for a small amount of money out of pocket!  You can also follow their Facebook or Twitter feeds for updates on current sales, one day specials and of course even more coupons or sign ups that get you discounts throughout the year!

For $104 we grabbed the following items:

  • 2 pair dark denim shorts
  • 2 pair khaki cargo shorts
  • 2 pair grey cargo shorts
  • 4 graphic t-shirts
  • 1 3-piece pajama set

We are super budgeted for the Wee Child when it comes to clothing.  With his growth spurts and how tough he is on clothing, we hate spending a ton of money on clothing he won’t be wearing for more than 6-9 months usually.  These prices are great for our budget, and with what we picked up mixing into the items he already has on hand, he’ll be dressed in style all Spring and Summer for all of our family adventures!

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for OshKosh B’Gosh. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

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Nature’s Own Essence Essential Oils Giveaway

essential oils giveaway

We absolutely love to use essential oils in our daily life.  We put them in everything from our diffuser for aromatherapy to our cleaning solutions and homemade beauty products.  We recently had a chance to review Nature’s Own Essence Essential Oils ourselves, and now we get to share the love with you!  Check out the great info below about this awesome brand of essential oils, then enter for a chance to win a set for yourself!  Not only are these great for aromatherapy and use in homemade products, they have tons of health benefits you may benefit from!

Nature’s Own Essence Essential Oils Giveaway

essential oils

Sponsored by: Nature’s Own Essence

Hosted by: FoodnService

Essential Oils have been used for many centuries for many different types of ailments: Colds, Allergies, Body Pains, Headaches, Mood stabilization, and more! Nature’s Own Essence saw a need for providing a quality product for people to use. Nature’s Own Essence has a Commitment to researching and providing superior products comes directly out of this desire and pursuit for something that would help him relax and achieve balance after enduring yet another hectic travel schedule. It was then that the first discovery was made Lavender Essential Oil.

lavender essential oil

Nature’s Own Essence has found the purest European lavender essential oil steam distilled from the fresh flowering tops of the Lavandula Angustifolia, commonly known as English lavender. Our therapeutic grade Premium European Lavender Essential Oil is 100% pure and undiluted – no other ingredients are added to ensure absolute purity. The lavender oil was a HUGE success for the company! From there, they went on to create their Peppermint Essential Oil.

peppermint essential oil

Rejuvenate your life with Peppermint Essential Oil!Nature’s Own Essence has found the purest peppermint oil steam distilled from the leaves of the Mentha Piperita plant, grown locally in the USA by organic farmers. Here are some common Peppermint Essential Oil Benefits:

  • Reduces stomach aches
  • Freshens breath
  • Relieves headaches
  • Improves mental focus
  • Clears respiratory tract
  • Boosts energy
  • Releases tight muscles

After this, Nature’s Own Essence broadened their whole line of Essential oils! One of my favorites? Rosemary Essential Oil!

rosemary essential oil

Rosemary, also known as Rosmarinus Officinalis, is very popular in the Mediterranean region as a culinary herb. Many dishes are cooked with rosemary oil and freshly plucked rosemary leaves. Rosemary essential oil is mostly extracted from the leaves. The rosemary bush belongs to the mint family which includes basil, lavender, myrtle, and sage. Rosemary oil is one of the most popular essential oils for its wide array of health benefits. It has become increasingly important and popular over the years as more of its various health benefits have become understood, including its ability to stimulate hair growth, boost mental activity, relieve respiratory problems and reduce pain.


Nature’s Own Essence is having an AMAZING Giveaway! They are giving away three – 2 ounce bottles of their Lavender Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, and Pepper Mint Essential Oil! What’s even more amazing, is that you can buy their products from their site or From Amazon! If you buy from Amazon, you can get an additional 20% off of their Peppermint Essential Oil and Lavender Essential oils (the 2 ounce sizes!). Just click on the links and use the provided coupon codes!

Lavender Essential Oil: Take 20% off a bottle Lavender Essential oil! Use Code: LAVOFF20
Peppermint Essential Oil: Take 20% off a bottle of Peppermint Essential oil! Use Code: 20OFFPEP

essential oils giveaway

One winner will receive ALL THREE BOTTLES!
Open to US only.
Ends: 4/8/2015
Winner must respond within 48 hours, or a new winner will be chosen.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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