What Not To Eat While Breastfeeding

What Not To Eat While Breastfeeding

Awe man! No one wants to hear what not to eat while breastfeeding. However, those little baby tummies can’t always handle what we eat, which is why it’s important to avoid certain foods. Keep in mind that some of these foods are on a case by case basis. So while you’re okay eating them while nursing, someone else might not be.  Watch your baby for signs of reflux, excessive spit up, turning away from the breast after starting to nurse, unusual bowel movements or what appears to be stomach upset or excessive gas. These signs can tell you that something you are eating isn’t agreeing with their sensitive tummies.

What Not To Eat While Breastfeeding

What Not To Eat While Breastfeeding

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Dairy Can be Difficult

When it comes to dairy, a lot of mamas can’t handle it, or rather their babies can’t handle it. If a mom finds her baby is really fussy while nursing, usually dairy is the culprit. Removing this from your diet while breastfeeding can be a true lifesaver.  It can be tough, but it is worth it to have a happy and healthy baby.  Don’t forget that dairy includes milk, cheese, cream cheese, sour cream, yogurt and ice cream.  Great substitutes are coconut milk, almond milk, and cashew milk.

Avoid anything Spicy

The spiciness of your food is always hit or miss when it comes to breastfeeding. Some spicy foods can mess with breastmilk and give your baby an upset stomach. Typically, some spicy foods are okay, as long as they are done in moderation.  Avoid the hot peppers, chili powder and other similarly typical “spicy” foods.  Use in moderation and test to see if your child is noticeably affected by it or not.

Too Much Fish

Now, fish is on the approved list of food to eat while pregnant, but it isn’t something you want to overdo. There’s said to be a lot of mercury in fish, so you’ll want to be careful with how much is consumed.  This applies both during pregnancy and after when you are breastfeeding.  Limit to one portion per week and you are likely to be just fine.  If you are still concerned, check with a local dietician or nutrition therapist to find out alternatives or the best fish for your diet.

Limit the Caffeine

This isn’t true for all babies, but caffeine has a way of keeping them awake way past their bedtimes. Most doctors would recommend that you keep your caffeine beverages limited to two a day. If you drink one too many caffeinated beverages, your little one is sure to let you know.

Avoid the Alcohol

This comes with mixed opinions, but at the end of the day avoiding alcohol while you are nursing is just a smart move.  Even if you only have one or two glasses of wine, it can reduce your milk supply.  While studies and information at Kelly Mom show that it isn’t harmful to the baby if you aren’t nursing within 2-3 hours of alcohol consumption, it’s just not something we can recommend while trying to maintain your supply.  It’s a safe bet to avoid the alcohol as much as possible while beastfeeding.

This isn’t a list of items that are off limit for all nursing moms, so keep that in mind. However, if you have a fussy baby, it’s wise to start removing these food and drink items from your list. Breastfeeding does have its freedoms, but not always in the diet department.

What food do you have to avoid while nursing your little one?

What Not To Eat While Breastfeeding

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Healthcare Made Easy For Work At Home Moms

Over the last few years, I’ve had my fair share of medical issues crop up.  From having a major back surgery this past winter, to the various extra blood work of the last year to rule out auto-immune disorders, I could have spent thousands on medical expenses, but I was covered thanks to my plan through the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  I was excited to share about how TurboTax actually manages to assist with healthcare made easy for work at home moms like myself.  I never thought about how a traditional tax filing company could help with you health insurance, but since the ACA was enacted, the two go hand in hand, and TurboTax definitely has the tools you need to manage.

Choosing the right kind of healthcare is so much easier now than it use to be.  While the ACA isn’t perfect, it has improved the lives of many individuals health – including and especially my own.  Yet, as we move toward the end of the year, and the enrollment period gets closer to an end, many people are already panicking about potential tax issues as a result of their healthcare choices.  TurboTax offers you many easy to use forms that will handle the entire process for you in no time!
Did you know that nearly 80% of taxpayers can report their health insurance this year with only a click of a checkbox in TurboTax?  It truly is a simple process for work at home moms like myself.  Being able to add the correct forms, or simply click the checkbox is so easy to manage with a TurboTax program at hand.  Actually, 8 out of 10 households last year only had to check a box in TurboTax to report they had health insurance coverage.  This year can be just as easy for TurboTax users.

Healthcare Made Easy For Work At Home Moms

Just the facts: 

  • Taxpayers who have insurance provided for them hrough their emloyer, a private insurance or a program like Medicare or Medicaid will receivea 1095-B or 1095-C form.  These are for the individuals records only and are not required for tax filing.
  • TurboTax also offers free tools to help educate you as a taxpayer on how the ACA will affect your taxes.
  • There is no additional fee from TurboTax for any health care-related forms to comply with ACA.

For those who are concerned about how to manage the various forms involved, take a look at their informational video below!

For those who are concerned about potential penalties and more, check the TurboTaxHealth.com site for tons of great resources about the effect of health care policies on your taxes.  You can even use their Penalty Calculator Tool to figure exactly what you may owe.  Not only do you have a full set of free tools to help you understand what this will do to your bottom line on your taxes, you also have information for the following:

  • Understand if you qualify for assistance to help pay for your health insurance
  • Find out if you qualify for exemptions for going without insurance
  • Know if you will be responsible for a penalty because you chose not to purchase health coverage.

Healthcare Made Easy For Work At Home Moms

For a work at home mom like myself, it can be frustrating to understand all of the healthcare options, but more so how they will impact your potential taxes at the end of the year.  TurboTax brings the reliability you expect, with all of the most up to date information regarding the ACA and your taxes.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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Reindeer K-Cup Christmas Decor Idea

Reindeer KCup Christmas Decor Idea

This Reindeer K-Cup Christmas Decor Idea is one of those amazing things only a real crafter like my friend Jill would come up with. Ask my family. They will tell you right away that crafts or artistic endeavors are just not my thing. I love them. I love attempting to make them. I never succeed. So, when I see one of my good friends sharing her idea like this – I beg to use it on my site. She happily agreed, and the rest is history!

Reindeer KCup Christmas Decor Idea

Reindeer K-Cup Christmas Decor Idea

If you drink a lot of coffee and happen to use a single-serve coffee pot like a Keurig, you likely have thrown away a lot of empty K-Cups. This Reindeer K-Cup Christmas Decor Idea is a simple and easy way to upcycle some of those cups for a cute decoration for your mantle or table centerpiece this holiday season.


Brown Acrylic Paint or Brown Spray Paint

Googly Eyes

Small Red Pom Poms

Glue Stick

Sponge Brush

Brown or Black Pipe Cleaners

Reindeer KCup Christmas Decor Idea


Paint your reindeer (K-Cups) brown and let air dry for several hours. If you are using a spray paint, you will want to do this in a well-ventilated area (preferably outside) with a mask to protect your lungs.

Reindeer KCup Christmas Decor Idea

Using a glue stick, give each reindeer a red nose and 2 eyes. See photo below for an idea of placement.  Use scissors to cut the pipe cleaners to length for antlers. These are cut to 1 1/2″ -2″ in length and work great. You can then cut a 1/2″ section and wrap it around 2 of the longer pipe cleaners to make antlers.

Reindeer KCup Christmas Decor Idea

To place the antlers into the K-Cup, you can use hot glue, or a knife/pair of scissors to cut a small hole in the side of the K-cup to stick the antlers into.

As you can see, this Reindeer K-Cup Christmas decor idea is super fun, cute and easy to create.  I love sharing inexpensive and easy crafts because I feel like they are something you can realistically make at home without a bunch of supplies.  Let’s face it, during the rush of the holidays – nobody wants to spend extra money on supplies.

Reindeer KCup Christmas Decor Idea

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Asurion Premier Support Keeps Me Communicating With Ease

This post was sponsored by Asurion as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central.

One might say my smartphone is attached to my hip at times.  I definitely use it daily for everything from checking my emails and work notices, to texting or simply playing games.  It has over 5,000 pictures stored on it.  I have all of my work contacts, phone numbers and addresses all saved on it.  While I have backups in other places, there is something amazing about having everything at the touch of my fingertips there on my phone.  Yet, what happens when something goes wrong with your phone?

When I was asked to write about the Asurion Premier Support program, I was actually pretty pumped about it.  Let’s just say – phones and I haven’t always gotten along.  While they don’t exactly break, I have had some really random issues.  Things like my phone shutting off for no reason every time I tried to open the camera app, or more recently any time it gets below 35% charge shutting down as if the battery was totally dead.  So, I laughingly told my Beau that this would be an easy to complete sponsored post since I was a terror on phones.

Asurion Premier Support Keeps Me Communicating With Ease

I waited..patiently perhaps..and my phone – works perfectly for the first time in months.  Wouldn’t that figure?  I was getting frustrated, and mildly curious about it when I woke up one-morning unable to use my keypad at all.  I couldn’t text. I couldn’t respond on social media.  It was just not coming up.  I could use the voice to text feature, and I could add emoticons, but the keypad itself?  Didn’t even load.

FINALLY – I had an issue to chat with Asurion Premier Support about.  I wasn’t exactly excited about it, but I was happy that I had a chance to give a real evaluation of the program they offer, as well as a great way to fix my phone in a snap.

Before I go any farther, you may want to know what exactly Asurion Premier Support is.  Asurion is the leading device protection service available for cellular phones, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles, and speakers.  When you make a purchase of one of these devices, you are most likely offered an additional insurance coverage.  The bulk of those offers are actually for Asurion Premier Support.

As a Sprint customer, I have in fact used Asurion in the past to replace a phone that wouldn’t charge properly.  The process of replacing an item with Asurion is easy and simple to manage, but they offer much more.  They also offer great customer service for all kinds of little technical issues.  Things like what I experienced, as well as things like how to connect your product to a wireless printer, how to connect to another device and more.

Back to my story – my keypad just wouldn’t come up.  So, I got on the phone with Asurion Premier Support, and after asking me a few questions about my phone, they quickly led me step by step to a setting I didn’t know existed.  Apparently, just like your computer has a history and saves cookies, some phones have a hidden area where the old text is stored.  If you use your phone as much as I do, that means it can reach max at some point.  I simply hit a button that said, “clear cache” after being directed to that area of settings and I was back to normal.

I looked online and searched for suggestions for this problem, and I found none.  Honestly, without the help from Asurion, I likely would have found myself in the Sprint store upgrading for a new phone a lot earlier than I wanted to do.  Thanks to Asurion Premier Support, I can save a bit of money and make my phone last a few more months.

With the big holiday purchases coming up in the next month, a lot of us will be upgrading and buying new smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops, gaming systems and more. Not only can you purchase reliable insurance coverage for your new devices, you can use the amazing free tech help that is offered through Asurion Premier Support to all Asurion customers.  When you purchase that insurance for replacements, you also get this great tech support that will help you with everything from how to do a system back-up to something as silly as my keypad issue of last week.

As a Sprint customer, I have Total Equipment Protection on all of our phones, and a few other devices through Asurion.  Verizon and AT&T customers can also take advantage of Asurion Premier Support through their own plans.  I love that the same quality of coverage and support is available on the top providers out there!

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Give Back Because It’s The Right Thing To Do #ChainOfBetters

One thing I grew up knowing is that giving back to others was something you just did.  Whether it is a ride down the street to buy groceries, or a warm meal for someone who doesn’t have a place to eat, giving back is the right thing to do. I fact, my parents often opened their home to various men, women and families that needed a helping hand.

Western Union Chain Of Betters

I was happy to join with Western Union and Clever Girls Collective to share with you about their Chain Of Betters campaign.  Why?  Because doing good for someone can only result in even more good happening, why not start today?

When I was a kid, there was a man named, Mr. Plum that happened to become a part of our life for a brief period of time.  This man is perhaps one of the biggest impacts on my life to date of how you should give to others no matter what.  I honestly don’t remember how my Daddy met Mr. Plum.  I don’t remember what his needs were, or even why he ended up at our kitchen table.  I just remember a night where he sat across from us at the dinner table enjoying what has commonly been referred to as a “Rita Roast” by friends of our family.  My mom’s pot roast is infamous, and that particular evening Mr. Plum joined us for a meal including her roast and all the trimmings.  I recall Daddy praying for the meal, and Mr. Plum sitting across from me quietly with tears going down his face.

I don’t remember what was said that night, or the many times after that he appeared at our kitchen table for a meal.  I don’t remember what happened or where he went when he was no longer there.  I just remember seeing my mom feed him.  I remember my Daddy talking to him, praying with him and giving him a ride.  I remember my mom gathering up razors, shaving cream, sweatshirts and socks and sending home with him.  I remember there not being a lot of money to spare, but seeing both of my parents make do with what they had to give to this man who had even less.

I’ll probably never know what Mr. Plum’s purpose was in our lives, except to teach us a valuable lesson.  There is a way togive back and better our lives.  Do good for other people.  Do so without a desire to be thanked or seen.  Just do it because it’s the right thing to do.  Feed someone.  Clothe someone.  Give them a few dollars to make the trip home to see their family.

Today, I see my Daddy still giving back.  He is physically not always able to do what he use to do, but he still gets out and helps.  He steps up along side my mom and helps at VBS every summer, and even more recently has spent time helping a family friend move to the area.  He and my Mama have long been examples of giving back because you should.


Western Union and the Chain Of Betters project is all about the motto, “when money moves, better things happen”.  In my childhood, it meant buying groceries was feeding a man who might go hungry otherwise.  It meant that those few hygiene items and clothing articles could give him a chance to apply for a job.

Western Union empowers people with the chance to change the lives of others around them.  Whether the money is being used to help someone in need, or to provide for your own family needs, every money used toward giving back in one way or another will eventually come back creating a good deed down the road.

There are some amazing ways that money moves in the Chain Of Betters to help create a new and amazing life for someone else.

Now, as an adult, I work with my son to teach him about giving back to others.  We recently spent time going through some of his toys to donate, he loves his Lego’s, but as we played and sorted, he picked out ones he had duplicates of, because he knew someone else could enjoy them even more.  I love his giving spirit!


In fact, we go to Waffle House at least once a week as a family, and it has become routine for us to buy a meal for someone while there.  There is nothing the Wee Child loves more than his waffles, but to share that with someone else – he absolutely loves doing that!  Buying a meal for someone else, he says, makes his waffles taste even better!

Waffle House

This year join with Western Union and the Chain of Betters to do what my parents taught me 20+ years ago.  Giving to others will almost always result in better for you, for them, and for others down the road.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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