Free Printable Christmas Gift Checklist

One of my good friends recently made this great Free Printable Christmas Gift Checklist for several of us bloggers to share with our readers.  I love how handy it is for keeping track of what you have left to buy for your holiday gift list.  If you are like me, lists are how you manage to keep track of everything from appointments, to assignments to shopping needs.  This printable list s just another great addition to your holiday shopping plan this year!

Free Printable Christmas Gift Checklist


Gift ChecklistClick HERE to Print!

Making a holiday shopping list can be tough.  If you are on a budget, you may want to limit what you buy or make things from scratch.  This year this list will help you to not only streamline what you buy, but make sure you have everyone covered.


  • Make Gift Baskets: Shop the Dollar Tree for simple baskets or buckets, candy, cookie & cake mixes, pot holders, dish towels, cookie cutters and even baking dishes for simple baked good baskets.
  • Stock Up On Classic Movies:  Black Friday and the weeks following you will find tons of classic and even new release movies on DVD & Blu-Ray for great low prices.  Grab these at $1-$5 each and keep in your gift closet to tuck into a basket with great candy for an unexpected visitor.
  • Scarves Are Always A Hit:  Check out your local discount retailers for tons of inexpensive infinity scarves in various patterns and textures.  A $5 scarf alongside a small bag of gourmet coffee makes a wonderful gift for teachers, aides, babysitters and friends.
  • Break Up Boxes Of Cars & Play Dough:  Grab the large multi-packs of things like toy cars, play dough or similar items.  Add them to gift baskets with a coloring book, crayons and some fun candies for a simple and inexpensive gift for your kids friends.
  • Go Homemade:  Whether you are sewing a pillow, knitting a scarf or making one of our favorite fun DIY holiday gifts, making something homemade can save on your budget all while giving a personal touch your friends and family will appreciate.

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Abbey Post Custom Made To Measure Luxe Mini Dress Review

Abbey Post Velvet Mini Dress

Abbey Post Velvet Mini Dress

If you’ve been a friend of mine for long, you know how much I adore Abbey Post.  This Custom Made To Measure women’s clothing line has become one of my all time favorite companies to not only purchase from, but to work with.  When they launched their Luxe line that includes great velvet options of their classic dresses, I knew I needed one for the holiday season.

I of course had to head over and start looking for which one I needed first.  Since I knew I had some parties and events to attend, I wanted something that could double as a it more casual dress, but also great for those cocktail hour events that often happen during the holidays.

The result was this Michelle dress.  I chose their dark green which of course, is perfect for the holiday events.  Even though it is cooler out, I chose the short sleeves so I could wear it a little longer than just the cold season.  Layering it with a simple shrug or shawl will help it go farther and still look great while keeping me warm.   I picked the boat neck and mini length.  Since I am so short, a longer cut just doesn’t fall at a flattering length on my frame.  I loved the fact that this was long enough to cover what I needed, but showed off my legs – something I quite enjoy about my body.

Abbey Post Mini Velvet Dress

There is nothing like dressing up a bit, throwing on some simple accessories and favorite fun boots for an afternoon out with my Beau.  I loved how this dress made me look and feel!  Not only was it made for me and my body – I wasn’t worried about it being too short, or too tight across my chest like some off the rack dresses would be.  I loved how it clung to what I wanted, but was smooth and big in the areas I needed.

If you are looking for a great dress for a cocktail party, holiday recital or just your holiday dinner – don’t forget to check out Abbey Post and their amazing LUXE line of clothing!  Not only do they have amazing dresses individually made to order just for your specific measurements – they have great shirts, pants, skirts and jackets.  Build a complete custom wardrobe that fits your body perfectly with Abbey Post! Great for ALL SIZES!!!  No matter what your size is – Abbey Post can help you to have a dress, shirt or pant that fits your body perfectly.

Abbey Post Velvet Mini 4

Don’t forget to sign up for their email subscription on site!  You’ll receive an update for all of their great deals!  Their 40% Off All black items on site right now for Thanksgiving is amazing!

Follow Abbey Post on Pinterest, Twitter & Facebook for great fashion tips, loobooks of their latest trendy products and even sales events!

Abbey Post Velvet Mini

Thanks to Cynthia and the team at Abbey Post for giving me the chance to review another of your great products.  Thanks to you – I feel beautiful in my latest dress!

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Podcast 006: How To Market Your Work At Home Business

How To Market Your Work At Home Business

This week we are taking a break from individual work at home business opportunities in our podcasts, to talk about How To Market Your Work At Home Business.  This to me, is one of the key things to focus on if you are looking to find success working at home.  Just because you know your stuff, do a great job and have experience in you field doesn’t mean you will find success.  You have to get word out to those who could be potential clients.  For smaller locally based businesses that means tapping into your local community.  For online businesses, it means learning how to market and network in social media. Take the time to listen, take notes and learn a little more today in this Podcast about how to market your work at home business for the most success as a legitimate business entrepreneur.

How To Market Your Work At Home Business



Create Quality Connections:  Don’t pay for “likes” or “follows”.  Work to get word of mouth out there for your social media.  Paid followers don’t have genuine interest in what you have to offer.  Seek out groups of people who are looking for what you have to offer and share your social media pages there.  They will be quality followers that will have an interest in your business and not just empty numbers.

Use Appropriate Commentary:  There is a time and a place for humor, religion and politics.  Unless that is what your business is about, you should avoid controversial topics.  Crude language, sexual innuendos and anything that wouldn’t be deemed family friendly should be avoided.

Business Appearance:  Use appropriate imagery.  Look professional. Don’t use your mirror selfie picture.  Invest in a quality business logo, or use a simple appropriate head shot.


Attend Industry Conferences:  Depending on your business, you may have conferences to attend and connect with others who do similar things, or could use your services.  Connect with peers to help you learn how to market yourself, do your job better or connect you with potential clients.You can also attend local business events that are appropriate for promoting your business.  Duck Duck Goose, Craft Fairs, etc. are great options for selling direct sales products or homemade products.

Local Chamber Of Commerce: Check out their local small business events.  Many have monthly, quarterly or annual meet ups.  Cocktail hour, breakfasts or coffee and talk. This is great for meeting and working with businesses that are more localized.  These are often covered by local media and attended by local city officials.

Linked In & Facebook Groups:  This is a great place to connect with other professionals who have similar interests.  Not only can you learn form each other, you can find your sphere of influence growing.  Look for groups that include people looking for your services or who offer the same services you do.


Social Media & Site Branding:  Buy your own domain.  Whether you use your name or your brand name, you want to secure that website domain.  Do the same with Social Media.  Secure the same name across all platforms.

Create A Business Landing Page:  Even if you don’t have a full business website, create a simple landing page with contact information so potential clients can find you with ease.

Offer To Speak Out On Your Own Behalf:  Do you have experience in something others may have an interest in?  Perhaps you can speak on blogging.  Maybe you make crafts and could hold a class in your local craft store? Get your name out by offering to speak out about your business, product or knowledge about something others have an interest in too.


Don’t forget to share your new business with your Sphere Of Influence, BUT DON’T OVER DO IT!

Connect with lifelong friends, friends from church, other parents at daycare, school or moms groups.  Don’t forget to connect with co-workers, former co-workers or even acquaintances.
Market our work at home business properly for ultimate work at home success.  Use your knowledge, friends and social media standing to promote your business and product.  Make sure to do so tastefully.  Don’t become that annoying sales person.  Instead share occasionally to get their interest without being pushy.


Don’t forget to listen to all of our PODCASTS thus far!  Make sure to sign up for our Weekly Newsletter as well so you won’t miss any of these great tips on how to make legitimate money in a work at home business!

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HeartFULL Pets Art Review

Heartfull Pets Review Lenny

In February 2014, our family had to say goodbye to our nearly 18 year old cat Lenny.  Lenny was our baby.  He was an amazing loving and cuddly bear of a cat.  He was easy going, loved to snuggle on the bed and didn’t like a lot of noise.  Sadly, his age and health meant we had to do the responsible thing and let him go.  As a result, we had to deal with pet loss that was unexpected and much more difficult than I personally would have every imagined.

Heartfull Pets Review Lenny


Recently, Mellie of HeartFull Pets offered to create a unique piece of artwork featuring our Lenny.   Having seen her work in various groups, I was thrilled with what she could do.  I was excited, because I thought this would make a perfect Christmas gift for my Beau.  This was, in fact his baby for many years before I came on the scene.

I sent over a couple of pictures of Lenny, and within days I had received this gorgeous and so true to life picture of Lenny.

Heartfull Pets Review Lenny

Lenny was a big black Siamese mix cat.  His favorite place in the house was to lay between our pillows on the bed.  In fact, in the las few years of his life he rarely left that spot except to eat, drink, use the litter pan or search out the Wee Child for some snuggles on the couch.  He was the epitome of an energy conservationist.  He believed in staying in one place as much as possible. Lenny was a happy cat who purred loudly and proudly when you were near him.

Mellie at HeartFULL pets took a simple snapshot and created a gorgeous piece of art that will be displayed proudly in our home.  This is a great memorial to our big guy who left us far too soon.  While I had planned to save this for my Beau for Christmas, I just couldn’t.  The moment I saw it, I had to share it with him.  It was too special!

Check out this great video of Mellie creating Lenny for us!

If you are interested in having Mellie do a custom HeartFull Pet portrait for you – check out her Facebook Page or Youtube Profile for more information!

Thanks to Mellie & HeartFull Pets for the chance to review this great portrait of our special boy Lenny!

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Invest In A LG OLED TV For SmartTV Viewing This Christmas

It’s time to start thinking about that big family gift for Christmas this year.  For a family like ours – it will have something to do with entertainment, movies or video games.  We love watching movies.  Not just in the theater but at home as well.  When Best Buy asked me to write about their awesome LG OLED TV this year, I was excited because it meant I could geek out on tech details with the man of the house.

LG_OLED_Infill_smaller file 2

Invest In A LG OLED TV For SmartTV Viewing This Christmas

The LG OLED TV isn’t an investment everyone will make.  It is however – the ideal investment for a family of movie buffs or gamers.  Since we have a movie habit that many have called an obsession – it is actually something we really want in our home.  To have theater quality experience in the comfort of my home?  Well of course I want that!

The LG OLED TV is one of the most advanced TV’s you could think of having!

  • Only 0.21″ thick at its thinnest point
  • Infinite Contrast that pronounces colors brilliantly on screen
  • LG’s EXCLUSIVE 4 Color Pixel Technology
  • Find content faster with webOS

So, how does this fit into your holiday shopping obligations?  Easily!  For families that love entertaining, viewing movies in their home theater or just geeking out with their friends and the latest version of Mario Kart, World of Warcraft or Minecraft this is perfect.  This superior TV is ideal for web interaction and the ultimate in quality viewing experiences.

If you are looking for a great family gift that will last for years and offer everyone something special – the LG OLED TV is the ideal gift.  Great for throwing movie watching parties.  Perfect for video game nights, or great for football game nights with the guys.  Ideal for an extra monitor in your home office graphic design business – or simply for watching the latest workout videos to get in shape with.

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free

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